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In today's fast-paced business environment, companies face numerous challenges to remain competitive and one of the most significant challenges is the need to reduce costs while maintaining high levels of efficiency and productivity. This can be a hindrance for many organizations, particularly those running with limited resources. Economical business process outsourcing solutions from Mican can help you streamline your operations, reduce overhead, and improve performance.

By outsourcing these functions, businesses can free up valuable resources, focus on their core competencies, and benefit from the expertise of experienced professionals who specialize in specific areas of business operations. Our best-in-class solutions help companies achieve their strategic objectives and compete more effectively in today's marketplace.

Business Process Outsourcing Services

Mican’s BPO Services Offerings

Revolutionize Your Business Operations with BPO Services

Software Development Software Development


Stay in control of your project while the experts at Mican handle partial or entire software development process in sync with your business requirements.

Technical Support Technical Support


Outsourcing technical support helps to resolve incidents in your IT infrastructure by implementing a proactive approach and continuous monitoring.

Database Administration Database Administration


Mican’s remote database administration offers efficient, secure, and integrated services that empower you with cutting edge insights and transformative solutions.

Data Management Data Management


Protect you data from misuse and save tremendous amount of time and money by outsourcing your data processing and management requirements to Mican.

Project Management Project Management


Our project management team is highly skilled at handling the most time-consuming aspects of project planning, scheduling, tracking, and earned value reporting.

IT Consulting IT Consulting


We guide businesses across the software development process right from choosing the perfect strategy to building efficient solutions with right technology stack.

How We offer Cost-Effective Business Growth

Unlocking Your Business Potential with our agile BPO Services



Discussing the ideas with clients to define requirements and objectives.



Freezing the requirements and identifying the right strategy.



Our team of professionals’ design solutions to meets clients' needs.



Implement processes and technologies needed to deliver services.



Fine-tuning processes to ensure client satisfaction.

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Mican’s BPO FAQ’s

Check these frequently asked questions and learn more about our BPO Services

Team of specialists
Mican’s team of specialists caters to your specific needs so you can focus on growing your business, not worrying about technicalities and talent.

Cross cultural environment
With over a decade of experience working with clients spanning across America, Europe and Asia, we have mastered cross-cultural communication skills.

Lower Costs
At Mican, we provide high-quality services in cost-effective budgets, so that you can gain access to experienced professionals for your mobile app development Project.

1. Delegation of projects to experts
2. Ample time to focus on your core business operations
3. Infuse latest technologies into the project
4. Easily scale the team up or down based on the project demand
5. Meeting project deadlines without compromising on quality
6. Effective communication and governance

Outsourcing is the right choice for you, if:

1. Your region doesn’t have the required skills
2. Your team is running at full capacity
3. You want to use latest technologies in your project
4. You are struggling to focus on your business
5. You want a quick project delivery
6. You want to cut down over all costs

Mican offers 3 cooperation models:

1. Time & Material: Billed based on the number of resources and time invested; flexible requirements; Large and long-term projects; Change friendly
2. Fixed price: Fixed budget; fixed requirements; set deliverables and timelines; Ideal for when no changes are needed
3. Monthly Salary + Fee: Budget friendly; Dedicated team; Direct management; Ideal for any duration

To choose the right BPO services provider, you should consider factors such as their experience and expertise, their reputation and references, their pricing and contract terms, and their ability to meet your specific business needs.


Mican currently works with industry leaders and enjoys a long-standing and mutually-beneficial relationship with several Fortune 500 organizations.