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The constant evolution of technology and the increased influx of tremendous volumes of data from diverse sources makes it challenging for organizations to handle data efficiently. Also, with complex configuration settings and complicated resiliency and recoverability, the need for experienced database management is crucial. Mican’s Database management services ensure your data is compliant and reliable thereby giving you a competitive advantage.

At Mican, we have the skills and expertise to help you increase database responsiveness by simplifying complex database operations. Our fully managed, high-class database services ensure the data in your organization stays compliant and deliver better productivity. Partner with us to experience certified database administration and full-time database support.

Database Management Services

Mican’s Database Management Service Offerings

Transform your existing database with our Custom database services

Database Architecture Design Database Architecture Design

Architecture Design

Our team of experienced database consultants understand your framework and develop a centralized database architecture that meets your specific business and project needs.

Performance Tuning Performance Tuning


Our expertise in database optimisation makes data retrieval easier, avoid coding loops and improves query performance, thereby making data manipulation very easy and efficient.

Patch Management Patch Management


Managing updates for databases is complicated and involves integrating additional components, bug fixes to eliminate product vulnerabilities and reduce unplanned downtime.

Backup and Recovery Management Backup and Recovery Management

Backup and
Recovery Management

Mican brings together technology and expertise to safeguard your business data and boosts resiliency with regular backups to avoid business interruptions.

Security Management Security Management


Protecting your database from threats involves impeccable planning, lots of time, and resources. Secure your database from malicious activity by Partnering with Mican.

Upgradation and Migration Upgradation and Migration

and Migration

Our upgradation and migration services make it easier and faster for companies to transition smoothly to the latest database technologies with minimum downtime.

Future proof your Database Environments

Consolidating, simplifying, and securing databases for our customers



Discussing, understanding and determining your goals and requirements to ideate conceptual data model.



Creating project specification with a detailed brief that covers the project scope along with the detailed plan.



Deciding on the model that suits the organization’s requirements, and start designing the system model that fulfils the needs.



Through the iterative developmental approach, we ensure to meet deadlines and adhere to predefined deliverables.



Regular testing guarantees highest quality. Once the final product is deployed, we offer support to handle fixes and updates.

Our Technology Expertise

Unlock the power of your mission-critical systems with our 24/7 Database Managed Services


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Mican’s Database Management Services FAQ’s

Check these frequently asked questions and learn more about our Database Services

Mican's partnership in Database management services will bring you peace of mind. We provide:

1. Expertise in architecting, analysis, monitoring, storage and warehousing
2. Tailored delivery models
3. Straightforward billing structure
4. Comprehensive monitoring abilities
5. Simple flexible contracts

Mican’s database management services typically include database administration and monitoring, performance tuning, backup and recovery management, security management, patch management, architecture design and database upgradations and migrations.

The pricing structure of our database management services depends on various factors such as types of services you are opting, the complexity of your database environment, and the level of support required. This transparent pricing system lets you control what services you receive and how much you going to pay for them.

Mican’s database management services can help you with:

1. Easing up the burden of handling database management tasks, database managers and database management systems
2. Improved efficiency and compliant data
3. Maintaining database performance
4. Automating db processes and procedures
5. Enabling your organization to maintain business operations as planned

We use some of the proven proprietary tools such as Oracle Database, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Adabas 2006, Amazon RDS, IBM DB2, Microsoft Access, phpMyAdmin, SAP Sybase, SQLite


Mican currently works with industry leaders and enjoys a long-standing and mutually-beneficial relationship with several Fortune 500 organizations.