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Ever wondered, what is the mantra for a successful project delivery? The answer is straight-forward – right team with the right expertise and coordination. The key to hiring the best talent is choosing the right staffing vendor that can understand your needs and become a partner in your success. Mican is a leading Staff Augmentation company with a successful track record of delivering best-fit resources for over 17 years.

We are a technology-driven company that provides unique solutions for all your IT staffing needs. We work with the top IT talent to provide the agility your business needs to scale quickly and stay ahead of the competition. Our extensive database of IT resources and in-house team cater to your diverse requirements by adhering to standard and legally compliant processes.

Staff Augmentation Services

Mican’s Staff Augmentation Offerings

Providing the talent needed to boost your projects

Contractual Staffing Contractual Staffing


Experience the inherent power of iOS and Android platforms through our high-quality native apps that are aligned with your business and security requirements.

Permanent Placement Permanent Placement


Our mobile app developers build powerful Cross-platform apps that work in different environments and are a unique blend of native and web app technologies.

Business Analysis & Consulting Business Analysis & Consulting

Business Analysis &

Whether you are looking to develop B2B or B2C apps, our consultants will assist with app concept, platform, development phases, and optimize costs.

Mobile App UI/UX design Mobile App UI/UX design

Mobile App
UI/UX design

Mican’s designers create slick, responsive and intuitive design interfaces that ensure high conversion, increased engagement, and easy adoption.

Backend Development Backend Development


A pool of experienced backend developers at Mican build robust and secure mobile back ends to ensure smooth and quick data sync and transfer.

Mobile App QA & Support Mobile App QA & Support

Mobile App
QA & Support

A dedicated quality assurance team ensures high-performing and secure mobile products. With our support team, you will have compliance and instant error resolution.

How we recruit the best talent in industry

Creating, scaling, and modernizing mobile apps for our customers



Discussing your ideas and determining project size.



Define talent needs by prioritizing skill sets required by the client.



Explore the entire market rather than targeting known talent pools.



Rigorous screening of candidates based on the client requirement.



Choose best-fit resources for the business.

Our Technology Expertise

Find experts in latest technologies to cater to your business needs

UI/UX Designers
QA Engineers
QA Engineers
Mobile App Developers
Mobile App Developers
Web Developers
Web Developers
Devops Engineers
Devops Engineers
Devops Engineers

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Mican’s Staff Augmentation FAQ’s

Check these frequently asked questions and learn more about our Professional services

Team of specialists
Mican’s team of specialists caters to your specific needs so you can focus on growing your business, not worrying about technicalities and talent.

Cross cultural environment
With over a decade of experience working with clients spanning across America, Europe and Asia, we have mastered cross-cultural communication skills.

Lower Costs
At Mican, we provide high-quality services in cost-effective budgets, so that you can gain access to experienced professionals.

Mican offers 3 cooperation models:

1.) Time & Material: Billed based on the number of resources and time invested; flexible requirements; Large and long-term projects; Change friendly
2.) Fixed price: Fixed budget; fixed requirements; set deliverables and timelines; Ideal for when no changes are needed
3.) Monthly Salary + Fee: Budget friendly; Dedicated team; Direct management; Ideal for any duration

Staff augmentation is hiring extra IT resources with direct control over your team. While outsourcing using assigned developers for a specific outcome for a specific period. We offer both services at Mican.

Reduce hiring time; Find the right fit; Network of IT professionals; Reduce churn; Ease of scaling; Improved concentration on core operations

Professional services agencies have access to a wide network of IT professionals, seasoned hiring professionals and are process compliant. They work in tandem with employers and align with their business goals as well as recruitment process. Their vast understanding of talent acquisition brings in cost and time efficiency. Mican has been one of the leading talent supplementation providers for over 15 years. We bring speed, scalability and quality across the recruitment process.


Mican currently works with industry leaders and enjoys a long-standing and mutually-beneficial relationship with several Fortune 500 organizations.