Java Based Enterprise Solutions

and Innovative Applications

The rapidly changing business world has become more technology-driven than ever before. Java is a leading technology for enterprise applications and businesses everywhere are increasingly looking to capitalizing it. The best way to reap benefits from Java technology is to partner with reliable Java services provider, like Mican, that can deliver high-quality, custom-made solutions.

Mican’s extensive experience in developing cutting-edge Java-based applications, aims to fulfill the growing needs of businesses. Our specialized team and infrastructure strengthen our capability to focus on specific business requirements and customize solutions as per the business needs across industries. Our objective is to leverage the prowess of Java to create solutions that add value to business.


Mican’s Java Development Service Offerings

Full cycle of Java software development services catering of wide range of businesses

Custom Java Application Development Custom Java Application Development

Custom Java
Application Development

We transform ideas into bespoke applications using latest Java technologies and adhering to standard coding procedures.

Cloud Java Application Development Cloud Java Application Development

Cloud Java
Application Development

Experience full control, flexibility and immense potential of Java applications by moving performance-critical workflows to cloud.

Java Web Development Java Web Development

Java Web

Take advantage of powerful Java frameworks to create modular, reliable and responsive web applications in different verticals.

Enterprise Java Development Enterprise Java Development

Java Development

Invest in tailored solutions for complex business requirements to get stable, scalable and secure enterprise-grade applications.

Java Mobile Development Java Mobile Development

Java Mobile

Our team of experts build highly optimized and interactive mobile apps to accelerate your journey to mobile markets.

Java API Development Java API Development

Java API

We specialize in crafting light-weight APIs that expand the functionality and interoperability of your software systems.

Java Migration & Integration Java Migration & Integration

Java Migration &

Migrate seamlessly from legacy systems and drastically improve speed and cross platform capabilities of business applications.

Java Testing & QA Java Testing & QA

Java Testing &

Entrust the integrity, security and quality of application to our QA team that is equipped with broad set of tools and testing techniques.

Java Application Maintenance & Support Java Application Maintenance & Support

Java Application
Maintenance & Support

When it comes to application maintenance, we can assist you right from on call assistance to long term application support.

How We Develop Efficient Java Applications

Best in class Java development services to accelerate your business growth



Discussing your ideas and determining project size, complexity, timeline, functional and non-functional requirements.



Creating project specification with a detailed brief that covers the project scope along with the development plan.



Building wireframes for a positive user experience and designing convenient, simple, and functional user interfaces.



Through the iterative developmental approach, we ensure to meet deadlines and adhere to predefined deliverables.



Regular testing guarantees highest quality. Once the final product is deployed, we offer support to handle fixes and updates.

Our Technology Expertise

Applications engineered with latest Java technologies and tailored to your business needs

Front End

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Mican’s Java Application Development Services FAQ’s

Check these frequently asked questions and learn more about Java development services

Team of specialists
Mican’s team of specialists caters to your specific needs so you can focus on growing your business, not worrying about technicalities and talent.

Cross cultural environment
With over a decade of experience working with clients spanning across America, Europe and Asia, we have mastered cross-cultural communication skills.

Lower Costs
At Mican, we provide high-quality services in cost-effective budgets, so that you can gain access to experienced professionals for your Java application development Project.

Outsourcing Java development projects to Mican has proven to be a dependable business practice, allowing organizations to save time and money. Here are some of the benefits that your business can experience by outsourcing your Java development:

1. Access to skilled and experienced professionals
2. Experience faster development
3. Improved quality
4. Cost-effectiveness
5. Time saving, so you can focus on your core business
6. Experience almost negligible downtime with 24/7 support

Java was released in May 1995, which means this programming language turned 27 in 2022. It is an extremely matured language with a huge eco system of tools and libraries. Java has been the go-to technology for developing financial software and applications for years because of its wide range of in-built security features.

Despite several contenders, Java has weathered the storm and is still hugely relevant today, especially in corporate applications, web apps development, microservices, and cloud-based software development. Besides, with consistent new releases, it is constantly being improved to match the emerging business use cases.

Mican offers flexible engagement models for Java development projects that can be tailored to client requirements.

1. Fixed price:
The entire project is developed within a fixed budget with well-defined timelines. Apt for small and medium sized Java projects.

2. Time & material:
Billed as per the efforts invested and the resources involved on a monthly basis. Apt for Java outsourcing projects with flexible requirements.

3. Dedicated team:
Get access to highly skilled and experienced Java consultants as per you need. Apt for large scale offshore Java development projects.

4. SLA based:
Get access to highly skilled and experienced Java consultants as per you need. Apt for iterative and process-oriented Java projects with well-defined milestones.

The cost of a Java project depends on numerous factors such as:

1. Type of engagement model decides if it’s a fixed or variable budget
2. Requirements
3. Resource location
4. Team strength
5. Development hours etc.

Once all factors are established, we create a detailed charter of user journeys, tech stack, project investment, and timeline. Please do contact us with your requirement to get the Java development cost


Mican currently works with industry leaders and enjoys a long-standing and mutually-beneficial relationship with several Fortune 500 organizations.