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Identity security is crucial to modern businesses and the ability to do it effectively is way beyond human capacity. That's where SailPoint sets itself apart. The SailPoint Identity Security Cloud Platform is designed to cater the sophisticated needs of today's modern businesses, providing a smart, stand-alone identity base that securely powers your business.

Built on an AI/ML foundation, the SailPoint Identity Security Platform offers the right access to the right identities and resources at the right time, consistent with the scale, speed, and evolution of modern cloud needs. business. Start your identity security journey with Mican’s tailored configurations.

SailPoint managed and consulting services

SailPoint identity security program Offerings

Accelerate your identity security transformation with confidence

Identity Now Identity Now


Secure access to sensitive data, enhance audit response, and increase operational efficiencies for organizations of all sizes.

Cloud Access Management Cloud Access Management

Cloud Access

Extend core identity security to cloud infrastructure and govern enterprise cloud entitlements with an identity focused approach.

Access Risk Management Access Risk Management

Access Risk

Streamline end-to-end GRC by automating access risk analysis and identifying user risks even before access is provisioned.

SaaS Management SaaS Management


Discover and reduce the risks of SaaS access with the ability to view and control all your SaaS applications with one solution.

File Access Manager File Access Manager

File Access

SailPoint addresses data access governance gaps with identity security for unstructured applications and data.

Identity IQ Identity IQ


Delivers full lifecycle and compliance management intelligently govern access to all your essential business applications.

Mican & SailPoint

Experience Secure, Flexible, and User-Friendly Identity Security Program with SailPoint

Innovative Technology

Innovative Technology

SailPoint technology is a recognized leader in the field.

Certified SailPoint Team

Certified SailPoint Team

We have a team of certified experts in the field of SailPoint.

Managed service

Managed service

We provide 24/7 managed service for your SailPoint solution.

SailPoint Identity Security Program Management Leadership

Harness the power of SailPoint to maximize security and compliance

SailPoint’s leading technology enables your organization to take information security quickly and efficiently to the next level. SailPoint will relieve your own IT organization and will bring you many benefits through the high degree of standardization and the use of best practices. With SailPoint IdentityNow, you can maximize the productivity of your employees and monitor access to and risks within your organization using AI (Artificial Intelligence).

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Mican’s SailPoint ISP Services FAQ’s

Check these frequently asked questions and learn more about SailPoint ISP Services

SailPoint ISP is useful for industries that require compliance with regulatory requirements and have a need for strong security measures, such as healthcare, finance, government, education etc.

SailPoint offers a range of professional services, including consulting, implementation, training, and support, to help businesses successfully deploy and adopt their identity security solutions. Our services can help you with planning, design, implementation, and optimization of identity security processes, ensuring maximum value and ROI from SailPoint solutions.

Cloud Governance is the practice of managing access to cloud resources, ensuring security, compliance, and cost optimization. SailPoint offers a cloud governance solution that provides visibility and control over access to cloud applications and resources, ensuring compliance with regulations and reducing the risk of data breaches and operational inefficiencies.

SailPoint's Identity Governance platform is a comprehensive solution for managing user access and enforcing security policies across the enterprise. It enables organizations to automate critical identity processes such as user provisioning, access certification, password management, and role management, and provides real-time visibility into user access and activity to detect and mitigate security risks.

SailPoint integrates with other enterprise systems and applications through a range of connectors and APIs, enabling seamless identity data synchronization and management across the organization. These integrations can include HR systems, LDAP directories, cloud applications, and more, ensuring consistency and accuracy of identity data and access policies.


Mican currently works with industry leaders and enjoys a long-standing and mutually-beneficial relationship with several Fortune 500 organizations.